2. narcotic:

    i do not care about highschool or getting involved or making memories i want to pass my classes and get the fuck out

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  3. bieber-news:

    justinbieber: Nae Nae

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  4. selenagomez: Wait, what are they about to do to me?! -thought it was a treatment @ninezeroone

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  5. lovemelikejelena:

    Za is all cool and then there’s Justin who can’t get his helmet on 😂

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    officialfahlo: #TBT @justinbieber giving us abs since way back. More coming #soon ; ) tinyurl.com/fahlome

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    August 21st: (More) Selena going out for dinner with friends


  9. spoopycopequinn:

    I babysit for a girl who use to think her mom’s name was “my love” because her dad said it so often to her and that’s just freaking cute I can’t

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  10. August 21: Justin driving around in Los Angeles, CA.

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  11. Anonymous said: Today Selena looks so very happy after spending the night with Justin. Her smile is amazing. And she has liked two jelena fotos. That's a big sign!


    she liked only one pic, btw im so so so so happy for her. seeing her smile is the most beautiful thing to me

  12. bieber-news:

    August 21: Justin with a fan today in California.