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    princejdc: #JustinandJustin #AlbumComminSoon 😂😂


  2. zustin:

    look at that smile


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  3. Anonymous said: god, I'm so proud of justin, I'm really happy that the media are talking positive about it, and that's great, had so long to have something positive on television of justice, I am pull artificial fire, only I ask God to is maintained if positive, and also I hope to God the possibility of happiness in his personal life, he deserves it, justin, is a good man, he's hard to understand, but easy to love

    He’s just worth it he worth every second I think about him

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    kingcombs: “These 💁 like Ni**as that spend money, not talk bout it” ♛ #freemeek


  5. "Backstage someone asked me, they said, “What’s it like to give?” and I didn’t really know what to say but now I know what to say. It’s so much better than receiving."
    — Justin accepting the ‘Champ of Charity’ award at the Young Hollywood Awards (via bieber-news)
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    Video of Justin on stage at the YH Awards

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    Justin Bieber wins the Champ of Charity Award at the Young Hollywood Awards

  8. bieber-news:

    Video of Justin receiving the ‘Champ of Charity’ award at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards


  9. I’m just so happy for Justin

  10. I have been waitin for this for such a long time :) my baby😍


  11. Justin deserves this and I’m so glad he’s getting noticed cause this is what matter the most :) my bae is happy


  12. Justin’s on TV and he is smiling YAS